Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs

I remember spending a weekend once in graduate school making a bilingual crossword puzzle. It took time, and it was a fun. But was that time really worth it? Maybe not, in hindsight.

If I’d had this, I probably would’ve used it: Crossword Labs.

create puzzle

Here’s their example:


Type in the clues and answers, hit “generate” and you’ve got a crossword puzzle. The password you use to create it will give you access to the answer key.

There are lots of ways to use crosswords for language study. Create a puzzle around a theme. Like this one, about a movie called “If I Stay” (Japanese title: イフ・アイ・ステイ 愛が還る場所) I didn’t create this one, so I don’t have the answer key.

If I Stay puzzle

Other ideas? You could try creating your own game app or software! This crossword puzzle maker was created by a university student at Washington State University.

2 thoughts on “Crossword Labs

  1. Wow! That is awesome. I used crosswords for a coteacher’s EFL class last year (1st and 2nd grade) and I would have loved to have this. I haven’t made any this year because I’m teaching preschool and kindergarten, but I’m definitely bookmarking it “just in case”!

    • I was impressed with it, too. Good luck with your preschool and kindergarten classes! 🙂 Maybe you can do some easier crosswords clues, or clues with pix for the younger ones?

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