Stuff You Missed in History Class

It’s spring vacation, and I’m using the time to catch up on reading. I started reading (actually, listening to on Audible) Hillary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, about 16th century England, King Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell. It made me think about this website and podcast:


Stuff You Missed in History Class

There are many categories, including British History, History Mysteries, Interviews, Sad Royal Childhoods and more.

The podcasts section offers audio episodes of about 30 minutes.

The blog section introduces the topics and adds links to related content. Some blog posts are short texts with no podcast embedded.

One story I found interesting:

“Henry VIII’s Armor Proves He Was as Enormous as He Was Stylish” (because I’m reading Wolf Hall)


I’m taking March off, but I’ll be back in April with more tools to help you learn and use English. There’s plenty in the archives to keep you busy, though.

😀 Happy Spring Vacation 😀




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