The NuSkool website is a learning platform that provides background information (reading and videos) and lesson plans built around “teachable moments” in popular culture. You can only view part of the lesson plan without signing up (which is not free), but I think for students, the background information is enough to pique your curiosity and inspire further research, and you can write about what you learned and questions you have in your learning portfolios. Even browsing the titles may inspire a great research project.

Here are a few examples from the site:

“The Science of the Force” – you can learn about “The Force” (from Star Wars) and how it compares to our laws of physics:

“The Science of Protest” – learn about how our brains are wired to make us want to fight for our rights:

“The Ethics and Moral Dilemmas of Superheroes” – to think about whether the ends ever justify the means:


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