Highbrow can help you learn something new — in just 5 minutes — every day.


First, browse the courses, and then sign up. It’s free but you do need an email address. Every morning, you’ll get an e-mail with something new to learn. You can only sign up for one course at a time. This is because they want you to focus and to stick to just 5 minutes every day, because they know that small, everyday goals lead to success.


Here’s the one I’m starting with: “Ideas that change the world”:

Ideas that changed the world

I’ve been doing it for 7 days now, and while I can’t say I really have learned anything (my fault for choosing this course), it’s been a good way to make Highbrow a daily 5 minute ritual. I think this course would be excellent for many of my students. The content I’m sure they know in Japanese, so it’ll be good practice for reading in English.

I’m not sure yet if this is true for all the courses, but this one has a collection of quotes at the end of each episode.

Here’s what I’ve been doing (using Evernote) and will encourage students to do, to practice note-taking skills:

Highbrow notes

Ten days is a good, easy to accomplish goal. I’m looking forward to choosing a new course in a few days. I may start with one of these: “10 Most Popular Courses on Highbrow” (from Medium).


2 thoughts on “Highbrow

    • Me too! I finished the first one, and now I’m doing one about philosophical ideas everyone should know. I feel like I’m back in Philosophy 101. 🙂

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