Daily Ideas from National Geographic

National Geographic has a section called Daily Ideas. It gives you a collection of topics and activities related to geography, nature, the environment, science, history, art, culture, and more. You can use the site to research something specific, or browse it for inspiration.

The most recent entry (for January 3rd) includes these topics and activities:

NatGeo Daily Ideas

  •  An encyclopedia entry on the globe — an explanation of what a globe is and what it’s used for, with vocabulary explanations and lots of related materials
  • A research activity on using waste heat to generate electricity — step-by-step activities for students to find out more about the topic
  • A video on humans and energy — to learn more about how our energy usage affects the atmosphere
  • A photo of the birthplace of the Ganges — a starting point for learning more about the Ganges, India, and rivers in general
  • A profile of an artist named Judy Tuwaletstiwa — you’ll learn that her last name is a Hopi word that means “wind making ripples in the sand” and much more

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