MeetingWords is a website you can use to collaborate on writing projects. It’s free to use and you don’t have to sign up.

Create a “public pad” and start typing, or copy and paste something you’ve been working on, in order to get real-time feedback. To share with others, just tell them the URL, or you can invite by e-mail.

You can chat as you’re collaborating on the writing, too. Here’s an example:


It worked fine on both iPad and iPhone, too, even though the iPhone version says it might not be fully functional yet. This is the first screen I got on the iPhone after clicking on the link I shared from my computer:

IMG_6909I proceeded to the editor and it worked fine. Here are screenshots from the iPad and the iPhone:





Simple, very easy to use, and very helpful for people who want to collaborate on a writing project from different locations.


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