Learn to play chess in English


Here are two sites to help you learn to play chess. It might be something to challenge yourself over the summer. Good brain exercise and a way to make new friends and practice your English, too.

I learned a long time ago but am very, very rusty. These sites have been helpful to review and practice for me, so if you already know how to play but are rusty, or if you know how to play but don’t know the English vocabulary, they may be useful for you, too.


This is for kids, so the language, graphics and tone of the lessons and videos are meant for a young audience. To watch the videos, try the puzzles and just play around a little you don’t need to sign up, but you will if you want to try the interactive lessons and save your points (it’s free).

ChessKid Learn

Chess Academy

This one you’ll need to sign up for, although you can play around with site a little without doing so. When you start, it’ll ask you if you’re a beginner or not. If so, there’s a video to watch. If not, you’ll play a quick game with the computer so the site can assess your skills.



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