Sound Finder

If you need help with pronunciation or rhyming, try SoundFinder from Lesson Pix. You can use for free, without signing up.

Here’s their tutorial video:

The other day, we were talking about rhyming (using some of the news limericks from the NPR podcast “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”) and I challenged students to make their own limerick. One student came up with two lines that both had the word “moon” in the middle and thought that this constituted a rhyme. Looks like we need to practice the concept a bit more.

SoundFinder has a rhyme finder that can help: find rhymes for moon

moon rhymes

Or you can try finding rhymes on your own and learn more about the pronunciation in the process:

Sound Finder moon

In another class, we were doing some tongue twisters, and students had some difficulty distinguishing between the words “sift” and “shift”. To practice the “si” sound, which is so challenging for many Japanese speakers, you can use SoundFinder to find other words with that same sound:




There are many ways to use the site (kite, fight, might, write…), so learn and practice!


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