ICDL: International Children’s Digital Library


ICDL: International Children’s Digital Library is a collection of free children’s books,  According to the Fast Facts page*, there are currently 4619 books in the collection, in 59 different languages.

The Simple Search page allows you to search for books in a variety of ways:

simple search

You can also search by country, keyword or use the Advanced Search page.

Each story has a summary in English (and at least a few other languages). Clicking on the right arrow key on your computer keyboard takes you to the next page of the book. On the pages with text, it first enlarges the page, then takes you to the following page.

This is pp. 18-19 from “The Aesop for children”


Some of the stories have reviews from readers:


Some books are available in two or more languages, like “The Amazing Adventures of Equiano“:

You don’t need to sign up to read anything, but if you do create an account, you can save your collections and set personal preferences.

There is an iPad app and an iPhone app (both free), but the app simply links to the website. Reading the books on these devices may be more enjoyable for you, though.

*The Fast Facts page unfortunately does not seem to have been updated recently, although the Community Forum has a few current posts with timely replies from representatives of the organization.

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