The Smithsonian’s TweenTribune is a free, nonprofit newspaper for students (grades K-12). You can choose articles by topic and by difficulty (“lexile level”).


These are the topics you can choose from:

TweenTribune topics

Some recent stories:

“Does acupuncture work?”

“Performers audition for spots on New York subways”

“Tennis and fashion are a match in Paris”

“Mrs. Obama asks, ‘How do you stay healthy?'”

“Britney, Katy on display at the Smithsonian”

“Fitting rooms go high tech”

Each story has a short reading text and a critical thinking challenge. Each story is also labeled by lexile level. Some stories have videos, too. You can read articles and comments without logging in, but to comment, you do need to log in. Students need the log in password from their teachers (my students: let me know if you want to log in and I’ll give you the password the for “classroom” I created).

There are other things you can do by logging in: see the news captions on the photos of the day in the upper right corner (“What is that thing?”), take a daily news quiz, and more.

Tweens are people who are not quite teenagers yet — “between” childhood and teen.. But I think the site can be very useful for EFL learners who are a little (or a lot) older than the target audience. The site was created to try to get younger people paying attention to current events around the world, and that’s something I regularly encourage students to do.


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