Wolfram Language Image Identification Project

Wolfram Image IDThe Wolfram Language Image Identification Project is a tool that can identify photographs. It’s often successful:

It seems to do very well with flora:

But not so well with fauna:


This cat does look like a Pomeranian, though.

And these were both identified the same:

Not incorrect, but sumo wrestlers and statue of Saigo Takamori would be better.

Some hits and misses with food and drink, too:


These are not incorrect, but “beverage” is too general, and what about the macarons?

Two glaring errors, although I understand one mistake more than the other:

The micro tomatoes do look a bit like berries, but the gyoza don’t look that much like naan to me.

And these two were pretty far off the mark, too:

The coffee roaster is not really “cooking” the beans, and it’s not really a pot. But close, I guess. And the Turkish coffee was served in and on metal, not earthenware.

But this is a fun tool to play with, and it can help you with vocabulary. The more we use tools like this, the smarter they (and we?) get.

You can read more about the project on Stephen Wolfram’s site.

All photos in this post were taken by me, and I used Skitch to annotate them.


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