Digital Compass

Digital Compass from Common Sense Media is an interactive game that will help you think about digital literacy and citizenship topics such as cyberbullying and online privacy and safety issues. The game is designed for grades 6-9, but is very useful for older EFL students too: to think not only about the content but also the language used.

Here’s the intro video:

You start by choosing from one of 8 characters:


Each character has a story to follow, with decisions to be made several times in the story:


After you make it through the story, there’s a board game with true or false questions, some (many?) of which are pretty obvious:


But there is a lot of language to be noticed and learned:


And some cultural references too:


“The Golden Rule” is to behave towards other people as you would like other people to behave towards you.

After you finish the game, your scorecard will appear with your progress and badges.



There is also an app for iOS and one for Android is coming soon.

iOS app


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