Another Word Cloud Generator

I posted a collection of Word Cloud Generators in September 2013. This post includes: Wordle, Tagxedo, Tagul, World it Out and Tag Crowd. Word clouds are useful to present and teach vocabulary and to find out what the most used words in a certain text are.

Here’s a new one to add to the collection: Word Cloud Generator, using the About page of this blog and Arial Black font:

Word Cloud Generator: This blog's About page

Word Cloud Generator: This blog’s About page


It’s simple to use: just copy and paste the text or URL you want to use to create the word cloud.

There are a few things you can edit, including the number or words to show, the scale, the orientations and angles. You can change the font, too, but you have to know the names of the fonts as there is no drop-down menu to choose from. Here’s one list of fonts, although this word cloud generator didn’t recognize some (many) of them.  I also didn’t see a way to change the color scheme.


So it’s a simple tool and doesn’t give you much to play with, but it’s another word cloud generator to add to the list.

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