Print Friendly & PDF

This week I’m highlighting a Chrome extension that’s really great for making PDFs of web articles.

It’s called “Print Friendly and PDF”. Use it when you find a web article you want to save as a PDF so you can read it later or highlight it and take notes, without all the distracting ads and other things.

Clicking on the “printer friendly” icon on some web pages still works, but many don’t have that option any more, and even if they do, you still get a page or more worth of related links, photos, and ads that you don’t need. Here’s an example of a “printer friendly” version from The Japan Times. It’s 5 pages with a lot I don’t need filling up pages 3, 4 and 5.


Here’s the same article, using the Chrome extension. It’s only 2 pages, with nothing I don’t need.

You can check a box to automatically delete all images, and you can go down the page to delete anything else you don’t want.

Of course, this is a Chrome extension so you’ll need to be using the Chrome browser. Go to the Chrome Web Store and use the search box:

So start the new year off productively, and save paper and ink at the same time.

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