Coding with Frozen

Here’s another site that will help you learn to code. It’s, and they have a free tutorial, using “Frozen”.

There are 20 steps to the tutorial, and the interface is very similar to Scratch (which I introduced on this site in June).

First, though, there’s a 3 minute introductory video, with some inspiration and some explanation:

When you’re ready to start the tutorial, just drag and drop the commands. Then press play (“Run”). You’ll see the characters move.

And then you’ll get an OK and a chance to see what you did in JavaScript.

When things get a little more complicated, there are new videos to help.

When you finish with Frozen, there are other tutorials: Angry Birds is just one.

The site is advertising “The Hour of Code” (December 8-14) and trying to get people interested in learning how to program:

It’s like learning a new language, so give it a try!

I made it this far in about 15 or 20 minutes:

When you complete all 20 steps (the last one requires some creativity!), you’ll get a certificate of completion:


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