NIEHS Kids’ Page

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The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a US governmental organization focusing on researching environmental effects on health (and other things), has a kids’ page, which has many things to do that are suitable for EFL learners.

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Discover & Explore

This is a good place to browse and explore. You’ll find everything from quotations about the environment, health and education, to science experiments, to information on pollution and recycling. You can even play a game that tests your knowledge of nutrition. It’s a bit America-centered (I didn’t see miso soup on the list), but it’s also one way to discover what kinds of foods may be “typically” American right now.

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What’s That Word

This is a short dictionary of words related to health and the environment. You’ll see the words that appear in this list in bold-type around the rest of the site.

Scientific Kids 

This section has “great work from scientific kids”, scientific experiments you can try, activities and quizzes.

Fun and Games

This section has quizzes, games, jokes, puzzles, illusions and more. Here’s one of the illusions:

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