Psychobabble is a free app for iOS (universal app for iPhone and iPad). It’s a word association game that will help you activate the vocabulary that’s lurking somewhere in your brain, and it may help you to learn the correct spelling of the words. There’s a short tutorial that will start automatically when you open the app.

The first free game is called “Drink Up!”  Tap on any of the clouds (“thought bubbles”) and type in a word you think is associated with “drink”. If you’re right, the word will appear in the bubble. If not, nothing will happen and you can try again.



When you correctly guess a word, more bubbles will appear.



Use the lightbulb (drag it over one of the bubbles) to get a hint. You have to wait a few seconds after using the lightbulb before you can use it again.



You start with one free puzzle and 2 puzzle credits. You can get access to more puzzles with the credits, and you can buy more credits (in-app purchases that cost real money). You can also earn credits within the games. Sometimes the thought bubbles will be outlined in green. These are “Reward Words” and if you answer 10 of these, you’ll earn a puzzle credit. In each game The difficulty of each game is shown with the “Challenge” symbols (green is relatively easy, then yellow, then red). You can find all this information in the FAQ section.



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