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AudioNote is a Notetaking app for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. You can take notes by typing, handwriting, drawing and highlighting, and you can add audio and photos. On the desktop version, you can also add PDFs. Your files sync across platforms automatically.

If you record your voice as you type, the words will be highlighted in blue as you playback your recording.

The lite version is free. The paid version is ¥500. With the lite version, you’re limited to 10 minutes of recording per note and 2 hours total.

I’ve only tried the lite version, and the time stamp didn’t seem to work well. In the iPhone version, the image became a little distorted. But other than those two complaints, it was easy to use and seems like it will be very useful for taking notes.

Here’s a sample, with screenshots from the iPhone, iPad and Mac desktop:

Mac desktop app example

Mac desktop app example

iPad example

iPad example

iPhone example

iPhone example

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