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Medium is a website and iPhone app where you can read and write stories. It’s been called “a YouTube for text”, with many, many stories about many, many things, in a very attractive package. It was created by one of the  founders of Twitter.

On the iPhone app, you need to sign up with either Twitter or Facebook to read the stories, although on the website you can still read without signing up. Once signed up, you can also publish your own stories, but only on the website version right now. They say they’re building a writing function for the app. Right now, there seems to be no way to access your bookmarks on the app, and there’s no search function, but it’s relatively new, so updates should follow.

Like Twitter, you can follow authors. You can bookmark stories you like, and the Reading List contains stories from authors you follow, stories you’ve bookmarked, recommendations from people you know on Twitter or Facebook, and selected stories from those that are trending.

Here’s one story I liked. It inspired me to finally get around to changing my passwords.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.41.00 AM


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