News Republic app

News Republic is a free news app for iOS and Android, for both phones and tablets. The app is “smart” — it will remember what stories/videoes you read/watch and like, and it will gradually customize itself to give you articles and videos it thinks you’ll find interesting. You don’t need to create an account to use the app or to save articles or to contribute your “mood”. After using the app for a couple of days, I haven’t found a reason to create an account, but I’ll update the post if I do.

Top page

Top page

Find topics easily

Find topics easily

Content providers (in Settings)

Content providers (in Settings)

Browse "Moods"

Browse “Moods”

The app learns what you think is interesting

The app learns what you think is interesting

The “Moods” option is one unusual function. You can choose to browse articles that have been ranked by other readers: Astonished, Pleased, Indifferent, Worried, and Sorry.

In the Settings, you can un-check news sources (providers) that you’re not interested in reading. All are automatically checked at first.

The app is connected to Pocket (a read-it-later app), and you can save articles in the app itself. You can share articles via e-mail. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Weibo.

There are ads, but they are not too distracting.



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