Tiny Mix Tapes

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Tiny Mix Tapes is a webzine focusing on music. According to their About page:

we publish news, reviews, and features on every single style of music in existence. We like films, politics, satire, and irreverence too.” 

If you’re looking for new music you’re not likely to find in Tsutaya or on iTunes, this is the place to visit. There’s also some J-pop and (more) K-pop on the site.

Some of the content available:

  • Music News
  • Music Reviews
  • Film Reviews
  • The Chocolate Grinder: an audio-visual section introducing lesser known music
  • Cerberus: highlights music from “home recorders” and “backyard labels”
  • Mix Tapes: Find playlists of songs around a certain theme. You can’t actually listen to the songs in this section, but if you use the search box on the site, you may find it.

There is even a collection of Comics


comic by Liz Pavlovic


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