Spell Up

Spell Up is a spelling game available on the Chrome browser. If you try to play it on a different browser, it will ask you to download Chrome. You also need to turn up the volume and be able to speak to your computer, so this game is best done when you’re at home, if you’re on your computer.  Sign in to your Google account to save your scores, although you can still play without signing in.

Here’s a brief introduction video:

I played it for a little while and it was fun, but a little slow, and sometimes it didn’t hear me. For instance, I’d say “S” but it wouldn’t recognize it, so I said it again “Sssss” like a snake and then it worked. The same thing happened a couple of times with “E” (I said Eeee) and it worked.

I also noticed one word that was pronounced oddly by Chrome. The word turned out to be “cleaning” but to my ear it sounded more like “clinning” and I don’t think it was a British-type accent I’d heard before.  And when it asked me to pronounce the word, I said “cleaning” and it was correct.

Anyway, it’s new, so there may be some bugs like that, but it’s a fun way to practice your spelling and your pronunciation.

If you play on your smart phone (on the Chrome app), you have to type the letters instead of talking to your device, so you can play while you commute. Just make sure to use earphones.



Yes, the word is “collaboration”, one of my favorites!


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