Use KeyVocab to quiz yourself on key vocabulary from the Academic Word List, to help you boost your TOEIC score specifically, and just to improve your vocabulary in general.

There are 10 vocabulary lists / quizzes. Each has 30 questions, and each has a Japanese hint (the key word in Japanese, so it’s not really a “hint” but the answer).

Here’s an example: Question #1 from List 2:

The site also has a list of strategies to use for vocabulary improvement and a short video (with a pretty hilariously accented  commentary) about the “facts” of test vocabulary. This is actually only one video from a playlist from Bee Oasis that will continue automatically.

As with all sites like this, if you try to do too much at once, you’ll be exhausted. Just try a little bit, but do it every day.

Also, while these quizzes will help you boost your PASSIVE vocabulary recognition, you’ll need to do more to move these words into your ACTIVE vocabulary toolbox.  You can do this by actively using some of these words to tell a story or explain something that happened in the news this week, and post your writing in your portfolio.

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