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Scrawlar is a website and mobile app you can use to collaborate on documents and virtual whiteboards.

1. Sign up as a teacher and create a “classroom” with a class code.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 5.05.12 PM
2. Add students to your classroom (“Manage Students”). A random password will be generated, or you can make your own.

scrawlar screenshot Manage Students


3. Create a Document or a Sketch. When you’re finished, save and return home.

4. Share the document or sketch with the student(s) you want to collaborate with. Do this by clicking on the “share” button.

5. Students will log in with the class code and the password you give them and add to the document or sketch. When they finish their work, they need to save the document/sketch and share it with you and/or other collaborators. It’s not automatically updated/shared/synced, so make sure to remind the students to do this.

Overall, I think it’s a great idea for a site, but there were some flaws:  I found the iOS app to be a little slow and the buttons are pretty small, especially on the sketch page. And the fact that you/students need to remember to update and re-share every time is a bit troublesome. It would be nice if there was an automatic sync. But perhaps as the site grows some of these things can be improved.

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