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MindSnacks is a series of iOS apps for learning vocabulary. The free games include SAT vocabulary for English and other foreign languages (German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese). The paid games include Geography and Kids Vocabulary (both ¥200). A Math game appears to be coming soon.

The positives

  • The vocabulary is introduced in context
  • The games are rather addictive and make you want to get to the next level to open new games
  • A more constructive way to spend your time than Candy Crush

The negatives

  • There appears to be no app for Android yet
  • You have to download each app individually (but you use the same e-mail/password).
  • There could be more variety in example sentences

I tried the SAT app, and I think it would be useful for EFL students who want to add a few more words to their vocabulary toolbox. Here’s a screenshot of the 2nd level game called Pounce. You have to click on the word that best fits in the sentence:


I also tried the German app, and I appreciated the level check question I got before beginning:


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