PBS Idea Channel

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) is the public TV network in the US. It’s non-profit and the home to shows like Sesame Street and Masterpiece.

I just discovered a YouTube channel created by PBS. It has videos, ranging from about 5 minutes to about 13 minutes in length, updated every week, that “examine the connections between pop culture, technology and art.”

The speaking speed might be a bit fast for some of you, but most of the videos are captioned in English, so they’re good for language learners who need that extra visual help. The guy (Mike Rugnetta) also uses a lot of visuals to help with understanding.

Here’s the most recent video, which is about how the internet saves (archives) things:

There are lots of other videos that may interest you, including:

  • This one about the villains in “Attack on Titans” (the anime, not the manga)
  • This one about what the word “hipster” means (compared to “nerd”)
  • This one, on why we love zombies
  • This one, on the “most artful” video games
  • And this one on bitcoin (but it was made in February 2013, and things have changed since then…)

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