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Create visual presentations and add audio with SlideTalk. The audio uses text-to-speech technology, so it’s not your own voice. But you can choose from a variety of about 70 voices. They’re still pretty robotic, but that could add to your conversation when you share the presentations with your classmates — talking about why it does/doesn’t sound like natural human speech. It looks like you can create an account with Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Windows Live ID, but I didn’t see the option to create an account with just an e-mail. With a free account, you can create up to 6 slideshows, with up to 12 slides each.

Here’s an intro to the site, using a variety of different sounds. It’s a useful tutorial, though the BGM is annoying:

And here’s a video that uses SlideTalk. But I’m adding it as an example of what NOT to do. Reading directly from a very text-heavy slideshow is boring for the audience, right? When it sounds like a defective robot, it’s even worse. This video is 12 minutes long. Please don’t watch the whole thing, or you’ll want to tear your ears off and gouge your eyes out. Remember, it’s an example of what to avoid:

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