No Red Ink

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NoRedInk is an interactive site that will help you with your writing skills, particularly grammar, punctuation and capitalization. The grammar should help you with your speaking, too.

You do need to sign up, which you can do with an e-mail address. Follow the instructions and create a student account: click on “Student” first and fill in the details. It gives you a place to put a class code, but you can ignore that.

Then, it will ask you about your interests. The site uses this information to make the practice and quiz sentences more interesting to you. Instead of Mary and John … or Alice and Bob, or whatever the names they use these days are … you can get Bart Simpson and Voldemort and Justin Bieber in your sentences. You can also add your own friends’ names. You can update these preferences anytime by going Home –> Update your interests.

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Then you can choose what you want to practice and start “studying” (or playing). Go to “Practice” in the top menu. Here’s an example of a question about verb agreement. Should it be “is” or “are”?

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.40.20 AM

When you’re finished with the quiz, you can go back and review anything you missed. It will help you with hints if you’re not sure why you missed something.

You can keep track of your progress (click on “Progress” in the top menu). It looks like this. I only got low scores in some because I wanted to see what would happen. Really! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.42.58 AM

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