Weird But True


Weird But True is an app from National Geographic Kids that introduces trivia and odd facts about the world and what’s in it. The iTunes app is free and it includes one free pack, with two additional packs for ¥100 and ¥200.

Here’s a look at what kind of trivia you’ll find:

On the app, you can click on the “That’s Weird” button to see an animal pop down and say “That’s weird”, click on the heart to favorite a fact, and this will bookmark it for you. If you click on the “weird-o-meter” you can rank a fact from “Duh!” (everyone knows that!) to “totally outrageous”.


On the home page you can find your favorites (the heart), a list of Top Facts, based on how people rank them (the yellow star), and more:


It’s a colorful and fun app that’s good for some trivia and some vocabulary. I don’t know that I’d spend any money on the extra packs, though. Instead, why not make your own colorful and fun slideshow of facts that you think are interesting?


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