Academic Earth

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Academic Earth offers free online video lectures from reputable US universities such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

I suggest starting with the Video Electives,  a selection of short videos to spark your curiosity about a variety of topics. You can learn about bitcoins, the economic cost of obesity, what Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is about, and more. Transcripts are available, so you can read along as you watch.

If you want to keep going, go next to the Playlists. They give you a taste of what the online courses are about, start with First Day of Freshman Year, and move on from there to learn about history, psychology, economics and more. These links will take you to YouTube videos.

If you want even more, join a course. This will take commitment (time, and also some money for the textbooks), so think before you join. Even if you don’t actually join a course, there is plenty to learn if you browse.



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