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On, you can familiarize yourself with common debate topics, learn the kinds of language people use when debating, and, if you sign up (with an e-mail address, Facebook or Twitter account), you can also cast your vote in debates.

There are many, many topics, ranging from the mundane (dogs vs. cats), to the absurd (“The leash law should be abolished for dragons”), to the philosophical (“The chicken came before the egg”), to the very topical (“Should the National Security Agency be able to gain access to our cell phone records without our knowledge?”).

Browsing through the site, I’ve noticed that there are some non-native speakers of English debating and commenting, which is great! But some of them are using English in … somewhat unusual ways. So as you read the debates and comments, practice your Noticing and don’t hesitate to ask yourself (or me, or your classmates, or anyone else) if the English usage is natural and something you should use to model your own language usage.


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