Splendid Table

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.26.55 PM

I like to listen to the Splendid Table podcast when I’m commuting. It gives me ideas for what to make for dinner and, sometimes, makes me laugh. For instance, there’s a section of the podcast called “Stump the cook”, where a caller tells the host 3 things he or she has in her refrigerator or pantry, and the host has to come up with an idea for something edible. This one was particularly funny, as the host had to add an energy drink to the recipe.

The other day, I made a version of the Basic Green Soup, and it was warm and filling. I felt happy and healthy making and eating it. It’s hard to find kale in my local markets, though, so I just used spinach. The trick of adding rice to the soup really does work. Give it a try!

The site, and the podcast, will be good practice for your English and help you eat better, too.


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