Scholastic: Global Trek

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Find out some basic background information about any country around the world, in easy-to-understand language with Scholastic’s Global Trek. After signing up, you can also keep a journal of your research.

Choose a destination. and you’ll see the map on the top right, the Suggested Itinerary of things to read and learn about, and a journal on the bottom right. Click on the journal and you can add your notes.  The site does warn us that journals are deleted in July (after the end of the school year in the U.S.), so be sure to print out or otherwise save your journal if you want to keep your work.


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Another caveat: Some of the information may not be completely accurate, so, as with any information you find on the internet, it’s a good idea to find confirmation on another reliable source.

For example, in the Japan Kid Q&A section, I found these answers:


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Okay on the first answer. But there is certainly a celebration of Halloween here. It’s almost as bad as Christmas — all the decorations and pressure to buy things. And I have never heard of  “Cookie Day”. People still call March 14 “White Day”, although that is also mostly just a gimmick by retail shops to get people to buy things.

And this one:

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 7.32.42 AM


“A few McDonald’s”? Ha! There are almost as many McDonald’s as there are Starbucks and 7-11. The answer to the coin question is great, though. Remember, these answers are written by kids. I like that this kid admits that s/he doesn’t know but makes a guess anyway.

Today might be a good day to learn a bit about South Africa, as we’ll be seeing many news stories today about Nelson Mandela.

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There is also a quiz activity called Mapman, which you can find on the Planner page:

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