GoComics iPad app screenshot

GoComics iPad app screenshot


GoComics is a website and free app that has an enormous archive of English-language comics and editorial cartoons. The comics include Calvin & Hobbes, Doonesbury, Peanuts, Garfield, Dilbert and many more. The editorial cartoons are arranged so that you can browse by author A-Z or jump right into “left, middle or right” (politically left = liberal, politically right = conservative).

As you can tell from today’s list, most of the cartoons are about the US government shutdown, which has been the big news over there this month.

GoComics app 2

Speaking of Calvin & Hobbes, there’s a documentary coming out, funded by Kickstarter, about the artist and the comic strip, which officially ended in 1995 but continues to be a favorite for many people who grew up reading about the boy and his tiger.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary. Pay attention to the third person who speaks. He explains that he learned English in order to understand Calvin & Hobbes.

I heard about the documentary on mediabistro.com.


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