Want help with pronunciation? Try This is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.07.11 PM

Start with English and you’ll see a list of words. I think that the geography vocabulary will be particularly helpful to my students because the Japanese pronunciation of the words is often so different.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.08.24 PM

 Example: Germany in English is ドイツ in Japanese (sounds a bit like Deutsch). It makes sense, as this is closer to the German pronunciation, but it may cause problems when you’re trying to communicate with English-speakers. When you move your cursor over the countries, you’ll hear the (American) English pronunciation.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.12.16 PM

If you click on the Settings icon, you’ll find that you can quiz yourself (“Practice Listening” and “Practice Speaking”) and you can turn on the spelling to help you remember how to spell the words (or turn off the spelling to quiz yourself).

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.16.17 PM

When you’re tired of doing English, try your 3rd language! I love this word in Spanish:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.21.02 PM

In English it’s called “an apple core” but in Spanish it’s “the heart of the apple”. Nice.

The library of available words is not huge, but it’s a good start. Let’s hope the site continues to add more.


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