Not that much English practice with this one, but it will help you get more comfortable with Google Maps Street View, and it could be a good start for a research project on geography, a particular area you’re studying, and/or the Google Trekker project. And it’s just fun.

With GeoGuessr, explore with Street View and try to guess where you are.

I didn’t do very well with the first two (no road signs or signs of life), but got pretty darn close on the 3rd. Well, I was lucky. It looked like the American Midwest to me, and I was right. With my 4th try, it was pretty rural again, but I saw a road sign that said “No rebase”. I knew it wasn’t English, but probably Spanish. So I googled “no rebase” and found that it’s a Mexican road sign that means “Do Not Pass.” And voila! I knew it was somewhere in Mexico. And now I know how to say “pass” or “exceed” in Mexican Spanish = rebasar.

As I played more, I found more urban areas, and then you get lots of clues. It’s like a treasure hunt, and you can use the clues and a search engine to help you pinpoint the location almost exactly.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.56.42 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.57.11 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.58.59 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.59.37 AM


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