English Club – Dictation

English Club has many resources for language learners. Today I’ll introduce their dictation activities.

They suggest starting with the beginner activities, and I think that’s a good idea, even if you don’t consider yourself a beginner. You’ll get used to the process and you’ll be more motivated if you can succeed early on.

These are the themes to choose from:

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 8.32.35 AM


And here’s the “Common Expressions” activity. I really like that they remind you to check your spelling and punctuation. This skill of proofreading is something we often forget these days when we mail and tweet.


Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 8.39.57 AM

Once you’re familiar with the process and confident enough to continue, go on to the intermediate (medium-length) and advanced (longer recordings) activities. The passages include useful listening practice like instructions and telephone messages, lectures, speeches, and a presidential address (I bet you’ll quickly guess which president).

To my students: When you do these dictations, don’t forget to Notice and reflect in your notebooks/blogs.



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