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Newsela offers graded (different levels of difficulty) news articles . Some (but not all) have quizzes to check for comprehension. The site is still in beta, and it may eventually start charging, but for now it’s free, so let’s play with it while we can.

The quiz questions pop up on the right side of the screen, so you can read along while you take the quizzes. After you finish the quiz, it’ll show your score and then give you a chance to go back and review. Unfortunately, if you’re signed up as a teacher, they give you the answers (what fun is that?).


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Teachers can assign articles and both students and teachers can keep track of what they’ve read and how well they’ve done on the quizzes. Or you can just use it as a self-study tool.

You can sign up with a Google account, or if you (my students) want to sign up as a student (no e-mail required), send me a message on Edmodo and I’ll give you a class code.





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