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Figment is a reading and writing community for teens and young adults. Without signing up, you can read and share stories by young writers. If you sign up, you can add your own reviews of the stories you read, and you can publish your own writing. So far, there are about 500,000 stories, both fiction and non-fiction, written mostly by teenagers.

There are many genres to choose from:

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You can see at a glance how long the stories are and even how long you might be expected to take to read them (this is for native speakers of English, though, so EFL students may take a longer).

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You can read other people’s comments and reviews, which sometimes include suggestions for improving their writing. Many of these stories are works-in-progress (they’re not finished yet), so if you like serial stories, this may appeal to you.

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The site also offers a discussion forum, contests, some stories for sale, and even a list of crisis hotlines for people who may need advice about issues like eating disorders, alcohol abuse and suicide.

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