Cookpad in English

There’s a typhoon raging today, so maybe it’s a good day to stay in and cook for yourself, while practicing English, of course.

Cookpad is a well-known Japanese site with recipes that I’m sure many of you have used before. But did you know there is an English version of the site, too? On the site, you’ll find translated versions of a lot of the popular recipes on the Japanese site.

This one looks good:

Cookpad English recipe


I like how they give us a helpful metric conversion chart, too. Although I’m used to the metric system now, I grew up using quarts and gallons and pounds.


Cookpad English metric conversion page



What looks to be a related photo and recipe sharing  site, Cooksnaps encourages you to help translate other people’s recipes. So if you think you can do some translating for a very good cause (cooking!), help out. You do have to create an account, which you can do with e-mail or your Facebook account. But this is certainly a real, practical, useful way to practice your language skills to help others.


Cooksnaps help translate




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