Word Clouds

Most of you have already used Wordle and Tagxedo for class already. They’re a fun way to introduce your topics and the key vocabulary.

Here are a couple more sites to try out for making word clouds. I think it’s a good idea to have several of these sites in your toolbox, in case one doesn’t work well (for example, using Wordle on Chrome doesn’t work because the site uses Java).

Tagul: You do have to sign up, but it will save your clouds so you can go back and edit them later. This site allows you to use multiple fonts in one cloud.

word cloud using Tagul

word cloud using Tagul

Another is called Word It Out. This one doesn’t require you to sign in or make an account. You can edit your cloud in some ways: color, font, etc.

word cloud made with Word It Out

word cloud made with Word It Out

Finally today is Tag Crowd: It doesn’t look as pretty, and you can’t save the clouds to jpg or png, but sometimes simple is best. No need to sign up for this one, either.

word cloud made with tag crowd

Word cloud made with Tag Crowd

All of the word clouds on this post are made using the words on the About page for this blog.


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