We’ve done TED Talks in class and you’ve done projects based on various TEDs. It remains one of the best language learning sites around. And I introduced TED Ed on this blog earlier.

Here’s another site that may one day rival TED. It’s called CreativeMornings. You can search for talks by location, theme, speaker, length and language. They also have a YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 1.13.54 PM

These are the themes right now:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 1.12.47 PM

Unfortunately, the interface language seems to think I understand Korean. I hope they’ll offer a Japanese interface soon. But for my students in Japan, if you want to change the interface to English or another language you can read, here’s how to do it (look at the bottom of the home page) and the languages they offer as of now.

This one by designer Mig Reyes was pretty funny. He seems nervous and yet confident at the same time. He reminds me of some of my students. And I like the idea that we should be proud of everything we create, because it gets us to the next step.


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