Six word stories

“Brevity is a virtue” says the About page on a site called Six word stories.

In the same way that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” sometimes a few words can be worth many. Although not all the stories on this site are suitable for younger eyes, many are funny, scary, inspirational. One way to use it to practice your English is to explain what the brief stories mean. Another would be to draw illustrations or cartoons explaining the stories. They’re also a great reminder about the importance of background knowledge in understanding humor.


This one relies on your background knowledge about the behavior of dogs. When most dogs are left alone, they go a little crazy, barking or running around … Or chewing on furniture.


This one has to do with the effects of caffeine. Does drinking too much coffee make your hands shake?


This one is talking about travel and souvenirs. Japanese has the word “omiyage” to refer to gifts and souvenirs brought back from trips. There’s a wonderful related word, “omiyage-banashi” (literally, souvenir-stories). In other words, don’t bother buying me a gift, just bring back lots of stories. Does this six-word story make sense now?


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