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Movie-a-minute condenses the plots of movies into … well, about a minute or less. Considerably less in some cases.

One of the funniest I’ve seen is for “Titani”c:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 10.23.09 AM


I don’t really agree with the tagline “Don’t have time to watch it all?” because it suggests that these condensed versions are just as satisfying, or that the whole purpose of watching a movie is just to get the main plot points. Most movies would be spoiled with the Cliff Notes treatment. But I don’t imagine the creators of this site really believe that. They’re doing it for laughs. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t seem to have been updated recently. There’s a challenge for students: start your own site like this.

Anyway, the site is one way to practice English (not only reading, but also creating your own), especially for people who love movies and have very little free time.


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