Graphic Organizer Maker

The Graphic Organizer Maker site has 15 different samples you can use for just about any kind of research project. You can create your own instructions (click on “Make a New Graphic Organizer”) or use the default instructions. The site requires no sign-in. Here are a few examples. The other samples include Timelines, Venn Diagrams, Pros-Cons,…


Cooking with Dog

It’s time to start making bentos again! The YouTube channel Cooking with Dog has tons of videos showing you how to make a variety of food, mostly traditional (and some not so traditional) Japanese dishes. The chef is Japanese and speaks briefly in Japanese at the beginning of the videos. Her dog Francis looks on.…


Taking a break

I’m taking some time off from posting on this Tools site, but if you’re looking for something to do over the summer, there are plenty of tools and activities in the archives, categories, or click on “random post”. Have a good summer! This photo is made with Photofunia (there’s an app too) —  the Cookies Writing effect.

Room for Debate

Room for debate

Room for debate is from the New York Times.  New topics Monday through Thursday, debated by “knowledgable outside contributors.” The most recent topic: PG-13 Blockbusters and the Sugarcoating of Violence Is it dangerous to depict violence without its gory consequences? Read the background and 4 different opinions and see who you would side with. Although I think…



Sway is Microsoft’s digital storytelling app. You can use it for your presentations. It’s easy to use and looks good on laptops, tablets and phones. You need to sign up with an email address. If you already have a OneDrive account (for OneNote and the other Microsoft apps), use the same email address and you’ll…